51 PVO comes into existence

On the 14th December 2007 a few handsome and dedicated Lock On pilots decided that the time was right to shape a completely new online squadron, with new ideas, unique culture, a competitive approach and world-wide fame and presence.

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On the 15th December 2007 the squadron was officially inaugurated as the 51 PVO to honour a real, historical squadron. Krymsk was chosen as the main base of operations. The mighty bison, a native regional wild animal, was proudly adopted as the squadron's icon. We celebrate the 15th Dec as the official 51st "BISONS" birthday.

On the 1st March 2008 51 PVO was declared combat ready. All requirements have been met to maintain everyday presence over the Caucasus.


51 PVO on Eagle Dynamics forums


51 PVO was founded by former Fighter Wing pilots of VVS 504 Red Hammers:

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Breakshot, Shaman, X-man

followed by such great former VVS 504 individuals like:

Teknetinium, Frostie, and Redeagle.

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Legacy and present day

VVS 504 squadron had been our home for many years and we are proud of our time served there and what we achieved. VVS 504 was operational with Maykop as its home base and managed by our old friends. However our days as VVS 504 pilots are over and we are now separate units. We now fly as 51 PVO based at Krymsk and work on our own name and reputation.


There's no better place than our History Room to say how grateful we are to our friends at VVS 504 for all the great times we have had while being part of their squadron. VVS 504 will remain in our hearts and minds, and we will never forget it.

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Today, together with many other online squads we are keeping DCS multiplayer vibrant and competitive.

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