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There's always someone protecting the Motherland's sky...

Flying reconnaissance missions or routine combat patrols. These brave pilots listed below earned full membership of 51 PVO by their dedication, rigorous training and exemplary conduct.

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Cadets who also want to play their part...

...and it takes hard work, dedication and heart. We do not accept casual players into our ranks. Cadets listed as enlisted personnel in our roster are on their way to become part of 51 PVO, but the road is long and training is rigorous.

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Location and other information

In the virtual environment, Krymsk Air Base is designated as our main airbase of operations.

51 PVO routinely provides air defence and air superiority over the Caucasus region. Operating mainly Su-27S type fighter aircraft backed up by MiG-29S aircraft to fulfil our role and mission.

In real life all pilots are aviation enthusiasts from all over the world. We only require good English skills to allow high-quality communication and comprehension of training materials and documentation. We are a fully international squad.



51 PVO pilots use <51> tag in front of their callsigns or any form of 51st insignia in forum usernames, avatars, signatures, or when flying in public or closed servers. This tag is used by full squadron members who are qualified to take their part in all operations, challenges, fightersweeps, campaigns and so on..

51 PVO cadets use <51K> or <51P> tag until they have completed their training and have earned full 51 PVO membership. The Cadet Privates (Kypcants) use the <51K> tag until they pass their Initial Qualification Training (IQT). Following that they get promoted to Praporshchik and wear the <51P> tag. It indicates that they are still in training, but have moved one step closer to becoming a full member. After their Mission Qualification Training (MQT), they will be promoted to the rank of Senior Praporshchik. During this time, they still wear the <51P> tag. Only when they have passed enough time as Senior Praporshchik and get the rank of Jr. Lieutenant, can they wear the normal <51> tag. Until then they do not take part in scheduled squadrons operations, challenges, or fightersweeps.

Each of our full members have a unique email address: callsign-(@)

You can send PM (private message) to any member by clicking their callsign on the left.